Elders. They are our mothers, fathers, grandparents, and friends. We care about them as revered members of our families, wise sages and keepers of our traditions. At Care for Our Elders, we respect the wisdom and gifts of our Elders and want to help them age wisely and well.

To do so means traveling with them on a path filled with details, needs and choices, and helping them make thoughtful, careful decisions. It is important to have a trusted resource to guide you and your family along the way. Janet Bunce is such a resource.

Janet is dedicated to supporting Elders in making informed choices that resonate with their interests and values. With special training as a Certified Senior Advisor, her service in care management brings not only compassion, sensitivity and understanding but also special knowledge of the health, social and financial issues affecting Elders. Janet is passionate about improving the caregiving experience for both caregivers and receivers of care.

As a seasoned speaker she conducts seminars on topics related to the support and promotion of Elders’ well-being. Audiences at local associations, councils on aging, corporate-sponsored employee wellness programs and health centers explore subjects such as communication skills, managing medical information, positive aging and health advocacy.

As her business name implies, Janet cares for Elders.  She also cares about them. She is devoted to enhancing the health, happiness and safety of Elders and walking with them and their families along the path of eldercare.


Take Care

Having a professional you can trust, a helping friend take care of the details.

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Talking About

Let’s Talk

Caring for Elders seminars offer tips and tools to ease caregiver stress and enhance the well-being of Elders.

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Personal Health Records

Your Personal Patient Advocate

Take Me To Your Doctor

By your side and on your side, your Patient Advocate helps you stay healthy.

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